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Facial Recogniton that works in the Real World.

Introducing FacialNetwork... The world’s most advanced facial recognition platform.
We enable any camera to recognize faces just like humans do.
Authenticate, Identify, and Analyze people with instant, accurate results.

Unrivaled Speed & Accuracy

Proprietary continuous learning algorithms execute sub-millisecond biometric comparisons to provide insanely fast, accurate results.

Flexible Architecture

Versatile network independent design creates a new world of possibilities for Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Device, and On-Premises scenarios.

Every Device, Every Platform

Powerful integration for mobile, web, IoT, and wearables delivers world-leading facial recognition no matter what your device.

Unrivaled Speed & Accuracy

Facial Recognition has worked for a long time -  in theory.  But slow algorithms, inadequate cameras, and antiquated systems made it unusable in the real world.  Until now.  FacialNetwork's Multi-Algorithmic On-Device & Cloud Platform provides facial authentication, identification, and analysis with speed, accuracy, and versatility only previously dreamed of.


  • Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Device/On-Premises
  • Every Device, Every Platform
  • Insanely Fast, Scalable, and Secure
  • User-Friendly BioRecord Control Panel
  • Multi-Algorithmic
  • Video Capture, Multi-Frame Analysis
  • 3D Face Authentication


  • On-Premises Only
  • Little to No Mobile Support
  • Slow, Buggy, and Hackable
  • Expensive Licenses & Difficult Integration
  • Predominantly Single Algorithm
  • Slow & Limited to Single Frame Analysis
  • 2D Authentication Only

Powerful Applications for every Use Case


Face Authentication allows you and no one else access to your devices, accounts and data.  Passwords are history.


Photo is captured and compared against a database of faces to determine best matches and results are returned to the user.


Facial characteristics are analyzed using continuous learning algorithms to determine age, gender, ethnicity and as well as facial expression and engagement metrics.

Every Device, Every Platform

Industry-leading facial recognition at your fingertips. On any device.



3rd Party Cameras


Flexible Architecture

Versatility makes all the difference.  Our technology can be utilized completely on our cloud platform, completely on-device and on-premises, or a hybrid of the two.  No matter what your network availability or physical location, we can provide lightning fast performance.


Frames are captured and sent to cloud server where they are converted to a biometric facemap and compared for matches. Best results are returned down to the device.


Frames are captured and converted to facemap on device, then smaller file size facemap is sent to the cloud and compared to the database for matches, then when a match is found, results are returned to the device.


Frames are captured, converted to facemap, and compared for matches 100% on device without any need for network connectivity.

Turn-key Control Panel

The FacialNetwork BioRecord Control Panel gives you complete control over your BioRecord data from any device. Setup is quick and simple.

  • Enroll and Identify Anyone you Want to Recognize... Friends, Family, Customers, Employees, Guests, etc.
  • Utilize Advanced Tools to Search, Sort, Edit, and Customize BioRecords
  • Keep your Information Safe and Secure in the Cloud with Private Data Silos

Developer Tools

Pluggable RESTful API

FacialNetwork's Developer API makes it fast and simple to connect your data to the power of our technology. Seamlessly integrate facial identification, authentication, and analysis into new and innovative apps.

We can't wait to see what you'll build.

Strategic Partners

Companies are changing the way they see the world by integrating our technology into their systems, processes, and devices.

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